Event – Friday, March 11 2022

5 ways to grow your construction business through digitalization

More and more construction players are moving towards a digital transformation, boosted in part by COVID. The benefits are manifold. Digitalization can increase productivity, lower costs and create a competitive advantage that others, more slow-moving companies, find hard to overcome. During this Breakfast Session, we will focus on tackling 5 major challenges in the industry with digital solutions boosting your productivity.

Pre-reads: McKinsey – Decoding Digital Transfornation in Construction

Location: This is an online event

Date & Time: Friday, March 11, 08:30 – 10:00 AM

Digital transformation can result in productivity gains of 14 to 15 percent and cost reductions of 4 to 6 percent.

Source: McKinsey – Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution

Focus on five major challenges

  1. Automating Administration Calculations & Quotes

    With All4Roof we helped Wienerberger automate repetitive administrative tasks. Wienerberger is a leading manufacturer of building materials. One of the key pillars of Wienerberger’s strategy is driving the digitalization of the construction industry. All4Roof fits completely in that strategy. It's an intuitive platform for roofers with a project calculator, warranty portal and quote generator all in one making roofers lives so much easier across countries in Europe.

  2. Efficient & Error-Free Designing

    Accelerate your design process using a platform with fixed building blocks. Just take a look at the system-generator we built for Remeha.

  3. Increasing Safety Monitoring Workers & Sites

    We’ll present innovative technological solutions that allow you to automatically detect accidents and monitor workers and machines.

  4. Improving Collaboration & Loyalty

    Connect a data mining tool with your actual product usage and PIM (Product Information Management) system to find out how and where your materials are being used.

  5. Managing & Tracing Materials Circular Economy

    Trace the full lifecycle of a product to recover those precious materials. Digitalization is key to a more circular building industry.

A complex roof project takes about 1,5 hours to draft a quote. Using All4Roof, roofers only need 15 minutes. Roofer feedback has been positive, converting them to a more digital way of working is our biggest challenge.

Cor Vis, Market Manager Wienerberger Building Solutions

Get ready for a 60 minute inspiration boost on your digital future.

About the speakers

Dennis Daems

Dennis Daems

Tech Lead & Analyst

Our tech lead and analyst, Dennis Daems, is co-responsible for Bagaar’s technology roadmap and strategy. He has an insatiable interest in all possible technologies and industries. In the past years, he has led several big construction manufacturers (such as Remeha) towards a digital platform making life easier for installers, sales representatives and most importantly end customers.

Bert Verlinden

Bert Verlinden

Innovation Consultant & Analyst

A jack-of-all-trades, from marketing, management and business strategy to computer science, Bert Verlinden is the ideal innovation manager, always looking at ideas from different angles. He has effectively guided many of our clients through a digital transformation, delivering new products and business models with proven success. With over 15 years of experience, he has a ton of inspiring insights to share.

Get ready for a 60 minute inspiration boost on your digital future.