Technology to advance people

We believe technology has to support businesses and people’s everyday lives. We create digital tools to build strong, lasting relations with your users. It is our mission to advance their well-being and have a positive impact on the environment. That’s what brings you sustainable growth and how we contribute to a better world.


We’re digital creatives with a soft spot for projects that have never been done before

Combining Bagaar, LOAD and Pegus, we have become one big digital products branch with over 110 employees in the Verhaert Masters In Innovation group. We are bigger, bolder and stay true to our can-do attitude.

We all strive for progress and believe this requires continuous learning with an open mind, creativity and a love for technology. We aspire to make a positive impact on the people we work for and the people we work with.

Part of Verhaert

It all started with one man, Prof. Em. P. Verhaert. He pioneered product development in Belgium way back in 1969. The company has since expanded to a leading innovation group with over 350 employees and 8 dedicated offices. From creating physical products and digital products, businesses and services to consulting and training, Verhaert helps companies and entrepreneurs become frontrunners in their industry.

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Always looking for new talent to write history together.

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