Verhaert organizes Innovation Day with interactive demos, talks and tools to master outcome-based innovation

Customers do more than just buy a product, they yearn for solutions that effectively address their specific needs. So how can you anticipate these buying motives to position your business for success? Join Verhaert ‘s Innovation Day in Kruibeke on November 21st for interactive demos, in-depth talks, and customizable toolsets. In 5 thematic tracks, you’ll get inspired by the latest innovation breakthroughs and firsthand experience how to master outcome-based solutions.

Embracing outcome-based innovation

Historically, companies pursued innovation by enhancing product qualities, improving affordability, or adding features. This way they wanted to create more added value or become more competitive. Today, a rising group of innovation leaders is shifting focus to elevating customer outcomes and experiences, by integrating the product as an asset into new business model innovations. That’s where outcome-based innovation takes center stage, where the spotlight shifts from the product to its service potential or enabling business model.

By aiming for superior customer outcomes, outcome-based innovation yields greater added value than any other type of innovation. But how does this translate into practice? It involves integrating new technologies, adopting circular economy, or embracing product-as-a-service (PaaS) innovation. The aim is to nurture products that surpass their traditional roles, amplifying their impact on the world during use.

5 thematic tracks, 10 interactive demos and in-depth talks

During Verhaert’s Innovation Day, you’ll discover the magic of outcome-based innovation, empowering the voice of your customers, harnessed through cutting-edge technologies. Choose the innovation topics that best fit your needs from 5 thematic tracks covering in-depth insights, exclusive demos, and customizable toolsets.

  • TRACK 1: Fueling the future of robotics & AI
    AI has created a tremendous boost in the field of robotic innovation. Thanks to advanced algorithms and machine learning, robots can not only navigate and interact with their surroundings but also understand them.
  • TRACK 2: Rethinking the use case for value creation
    Redefining your use case is the ultimate tool in beating your competitors. Get inspired on how including stakeholders can help you create new business and value opportunities through market and user insights.
  • TRACK 3: Riding the product-as-a-service wave
    In a world where new products and companies pop up every day, how can you strengthen customer retention? With a products-as-a-service business model, you deliver a complete solution instead of just a physical product.
  • TRACK 4: Sustainability driving innovation
    Every day, the call for environmental responsibility grows louder. Sustainable innovation secures long-term success while boosting your reputation. Learn how to create end-to-end holistic solutions for a better world.
  • TRACK 5: Cultivating entrepreneurial champions
    Curious about the latest tools for innovators to use Generative AI in your ideation or validation process? Interested in the most popular product and project management tools? Get a glimpse of the e-courses from Verhaert Academy!

Discover how to master outcome-based innovation during Verhaert’s Innovation Day on November 21st! Visit the event website for the full program and sign up by choosing the 2 tracks of your interest.