A digital ledger that anyone can navigate and looks like a consumer app? Sounds like UX music to our designers’ ears.

The client

Corporify goes lean

Paper ledgers are so 2019. That’s how Corporify thinks about it. Under the creed of ‘Lean legal’ they make digital ledgers to make the legal management of companies more practical, more accurate and more trustworthy. The platform was already up and running. To remove the last frictions and lift the platform to a higher level ready to scale, Corporify came to us for a complete UX makeover.

The challenge

It’s… complex

Ledgers are used by a very diverse audience, from small associations with a few shares to huge enterprises with different types of shares and different voting rights. This means ownership structures range from simple to incredibly complex, a capital jungle so to speak. Our job was to simplify the information architecture of the digital ledger hidden in intricate tables users had to filter to get their information. The renewed design has to work intuitively and cater to all types of shareholders. One platform for all.

Challenging research

Usually, we would dive into UX research first. You cannot take to the drawing board and configure ideal customer journeys, without knowing your clients. However, Corporify already performed a deep analysis of its target audiences. So, we challenged them from all possible angles from different user perspectives to end up with the most logical user flows. Based on these results, we set up wireframes, visualizing the different functionalities and customer journeys.   

The solution

Order in the chaos

The renewed digital ledger now offers intuitive navigation whether you hold a few shares or many, whatever your function is and voting rights. We created a logical hierarchy in the information sliding the most important data forward. You only get the information you need, cut up in snackable chunks, presented in different views. There are now three main views; the current performance of shares; the shareholders with their properties; and the activity history. In other words, we seriously reduced the cognitive load for users. So much so that users can now onboard themselves and the Corporify helpdesk’s workload has been decreased to a minimum.  

Scalable designs

On top of that, we developed a mature design system. What is a design system you ask? It is a set of patterns, components and design rules determining which elements have to be used in the different situations and use cases. It creates unity in the design and makes it conceptually and visually scalable. In contrast to a brand guideline, a design system is fluid and keeps evolving. Anytime Corporify wants to expand, they can rely on the design system to create new elements. 

One digital ledger for all

The result is a digital ledger that reads like a bestselling novel, loved by lawyers, legal counsels and fund managers alike.