We helped OASE build a digital learning platform. Clients get access to thousands of bite-sized videos or add their own to customize the experience.

The challenge

OASE is an intuitive digital learning platform that offers snackable video tutorials and webinars to its users. The learning platform is a product by Xylos that has been at the forefront of developing schooling solutions for decades. They focus on helping organizations provide an intuitive learning process for their digital transformation.

Verhaert Digital proved itself as the perfect partner for the OASE project because of our team’s diverse skill set. While Xylos provided their extensive knowledge in offering efficient learning tools. We provided our expertise in development and user experience.

Even though the learning platform’s infrastructure and its scale make the project rather complex, our task was straightforward: create a user-friendly learning platform that engages people to learn.

The approach

For projects of this scale, we tend to tackle them as organized as possible. By now we know that restrictions tend to fuel the creative juices. Hence the bird’s-eye roadmap: an all-inclusive guideline to keep everyone on track.

This primarily offers the means to prioritize functionalities. But the roadmap also proves itself as an indispensable asset for everyone in our team. Making it possible to tackle as many challenges as possible in parallel. This means our user interface and experience designers (UI, UX) can work together with our front-end developers to challenge issues early on. The same goes for more architectural challenges where our back-end developers excel.

Everyone involved provided insights on the project. During the recurring collaborative sessions with the client, invaluable insights always came to light.

The solution

We built a continuously evolving and future-proof learning platform that can be adapted and tailored to the needs of the organization. While the platform focuses on Office 365 applications, organizations can expand the content as they see fit. Whether the platform is used for onboarding or training employees, OASE provides a suitable solution.

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