Unlocking loyalty in construction

How do you make installers loyal to your brand, builders happy and ensure long-term growth for your construction business? Join our free Webinar Thu May 25 with Reynaers Aluminium and learn how to create innovative solutions that tackle the challenges of your company. 

Date & Time:  This event took place on Thursday May 25th 2023. You can watch the recordings or check out the presentation on verhaert.com.


The lack of visibility and control over the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to installers and builders hinders loyalty, marketing effectiveness, and ultimately your growth. Our expert digital innovation strategist, Bert Verlinden, will guide you through the building blocks to create innovative solutions that address the challenges of today and the future. You’ll also gain valuable insights from our Reynaers case on how to create digital relations that help your business in the long run. Say goodbye to roadblocks and hello to moving forward.

Learn how to

Create successful innovation concepts

How do you get to that perfect solution that solves your biggest pain, i.e. obtaining control over the supply chain? Our digital solution architect Bert Verlinden will walk you through the building blocks needed to develop successful concepts from scratch for your construction business, using examples from the industry. 

He will also address common pitfalls, and share tips. So you are ready to tackle your biggest challenge.

Get inspired by

Reynaers’ vision on the future: DigiTrace

Reynaers Aluminium is a frontrunner in digitalizing construction business. Together, we developed DigiTrace to connect the whole ecosystem, from manufacturer to installer and homeowner. This tool enables information sharing with all stakeholders optimizing operations and feeding Reynaers with insights to improve its service.

Discover why and how the strategy was developed from Stephanie Kellens, product manager digital services at Reynaers and get inspired with key takeaways you can apply to your own business.       


08:30 – 08:35: Webinar introduction by our host, Thomas Lauwers. 

08:35 – 9:15: Bert Verlinden on how to create successful innovation concepts in construction

9:15 – 9:45: Reynaers’ vision on the future: DigiTrace by Stephanie Kellens 

9:45 – 10:00: Ask our speakers. Share the challenges of your business and we are happy to share our expertise.

About the speakers

Let me introduce you to…

Bert Verlinden

Innovation Consultant & Solutions Architect
Verhaert Digital Innovation

From marketing management and business strategy to computer science, Bert Verlinden is the ideal innovation manager and solutions architect, always looking at ideas from different angles. He has effectively guided many of our clients through a digital transformation, delivering new products and business models with proven success. With over 15 years of experience, he has a ton of inspiring insights to share.

Stephanie Kellens

Product Manager Digital Services
Reynaers Aluminium

As a Product Manager Digital Services, Stephanie Kellens is a driving force in the digitalization of the construction industry. She understands perfectly well the needs of fabricators and has the analytical skills to translate this into a strategy. Within Reynaers Aluminium, she has worked on several successful digitalization projects among which DigiTrace and ReynaQuote.

Thomas Lauwers

Master Innovation Acceleration
Verhaert Digital Innovation

Thomas Lauwers, your host for this webinar, is a business developer with over a decade of experience in digital solutions. He’s passionate about construction and has been advising companies in this industry for the past 10 years. In short, he has his finger on the pulse. 

About Verhaert Digital Innovation

Verhaert Digital Innovation is a full-service digital products company that helps businesses innovate with strategies and custom software and IoT solutions. We have built industry-transforming products like Wienerberger’s easy design and quotation platform All4Roof and Reynaers’ material tracking solution DigiTrace. Verhaert Digital has more than 110 experts and is a part of Verhaert Masters in Innovation.

Watch the recordings or download the presentation