Streamlining operational data and tools to boost efficiency

Streamlining operational data and tools to boost efficiency

Digital process analysis

When your business expands, manual operational processes won’t be able to continue scaling at the same speed. Especially when different branches use different tools and data sets, your sales processes get even more complex and your product portfolio as well as your staff continues to grow. Choosing to optimize your operational processes with a digital solution may feel like a bold move, but will always pay off in the long run by putting you ahead of the competition.

How can you optimize supply chain, resource and cost management?

To truly boost your efficiency and productivity, you shouldn’t focus on the separate ingredients but look at the entire recipe. Only then can digital tools give you an edge to improve demand forecasting and inventory management, prevent overstocking or stockouts and reduce excess inventory expenses.

Where automation and data analytics can identify inefficiencies, predictive analytics combined with IoT devices and sensors enable continuous asset monitoring, proactive resource management and equipment maintenance estimates. Poured into an intuitive cloud-based platform, it reduces downtime and maintenance costs while promoting communication and collaboration across the supply chain.

How can you streamline your workflows and processes?

By developing a digital tool for all your processes, you create a single source of truth to get your whole business on the same page. Starting from an elaborate process mapping and MVP definition, we help you get a clear picture of pain points and tools to consolidate or improve. A roadmap to accelerate your development and production cycle.

By introducing real-time monitoring, data analytics and continuous improvement methods, you even create added value and gain continuous insights to improve quality, reduce lead times and cut unnecessary costs.


Driving the digitalization of the construction industry

Let’s map, streamline and update your processes



Defining the MVP, mapping user needs and analyzing the processes and data.



Outlining a custom solution, defining the user interface, creating and validating workflow design.



Incorporating responsive design, solution architecture, front- and backend development.



Providing continuous improvements, quality assurance and database management.

We never look at just one piece of the puzzle, our multidisciplinary teams enable integrated support across the entire development process.

Some of our success stories


Roofers used to spend over an hour making a quote. With All4Roof it takes 15 min.


Much more than a 3D textile configurator, we created a place of collaboration for sales, clients and their clients.

Interested in our process optimization services? Looking for integrated solutions? I’m all ears!

Laurent Schauvliege
Digital Innovation Acceleration Coordinator