Solid data strategies for innovative business models

Solid data strategies for innovative business models

AI- & data-driven solutions

Although data and AI may seem like your ticket to success, the reality is a bit more complex. They require a solid and systematic methodology. Standardized solutions may help some, but if you truly want to boost efficiency and create added value, you need a tailored approach for your business.

How do you know which data you should gather?

More data doesn’t mean more insights. The first step in setting up data-driven solutions should always be to define specific goals. Do you want to gain insights on your users or your product? Which data do you need? And how will you collect and interpret this data?

Only by asking yourself these questions you can set up the right data acquisition tools, data sources, quality checks and storage systems. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an enormous pool of uncorrelated data and it’ll be too complicated or even impossible to learn from.


The untapped potential of connected appliances & AI

How do you translate consumer data into actionable insights?

Data alone doesn’t help your business, you need insights. Preferably automatically generated. Enter machine learning and AI. To start, machine learning algorithms can streamline the process by automating data cleaning and preparation. It can also help uncover intricate patterns, trends and correlations within the data, such as consumer behavior or preferences.

AI, on the other hand, can predict future trends in customer needs, maintenance needs or market changes. In turn, machine learning can also optimize process parameters, energy or resource consumption, planning and so on.


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Let’s define, map and benchmark your product or service



Defining the MVP, mapping the process and conducting feasibility studies.



Providing data preparation, defining the right algorithms and architecture.



Training machine learning models, creating data visualization, testing and fine-tuning model performance.



Monitoring, evaluating and retraining models, assessing and improving performance and security.

We never look at just one piece of the puzzle, our multidisciplinary teams enable integrated support across the entire development process.

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