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A platform connecting all stakeholders in construction boosting efficiency? It exists and it’s called DigiTrace.

Reynaers DigiTrace

A little QR code building loyalty in construction

Untangling production planning in the weaving industry.


Streamlining production planning and machine management in manufacturing

Every patient and carer gets access to the best information on their medicine.


Accessible medicine information for the masses with the help of blockchain

Welcome to a new era of automated cargo administration.

BIM e-Solutions

User-friendly ECTN platform for better cargo tracking

A digital ledger that reads like a bestselling novel.


A digital ledger that anyone can navigate and looks like a consumer app? Sounds like UX music to our designers’ ears.

Custo is more than a smart delivery box. It’s your personal assistant handling all that comes through your door.


Custo takes the smart delivery box to a higher level

Our multidisciplinary teams guide you in exploring possibilities and seizing opportunities. Digital transformation is not about technology, it’s about the way you do business

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